People we love to hate.
January 24, 2009, 7:46 AM
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Got a good dose of deuchery tonight.

Yes, we all try to run from it, but every so often it sneeks up behind us.  Whether it be someone you live with, that you’re friends with, or someone you barely know, these people will always be a part of our lives.

I’m talking of course about the people that we love to hate on.  You know, the guy who practices beer pong alone in his basement for no reason.  I gotta say Dane Cook was pretty spot on with this one and  I ask you this:  Is this practice of hatin’ really that bad?  However much the circumstances may suck at the moment while the tool/dumbass is present, these people often provide us with classic stories to reminisce on, great conversation pieces,  and great impersonations.  The Jim Halpert looks between friends after dumb comments are made are pretty entertaining.


The “post game” analysis discussion after they leave is always delightful as well.

So tonight I did some investigative reporting; I took notes tonight of comments made by a person we love to hate, and well, read some of his comments and judge for yourself.  (Granted most of these were said in a jokingly manner, but still out of place)

**Water was spilled onto the floor, I grabbed a small hand towel hanging on the oven and soaked up the water.  The guest says to me “handtowels? big towels are up top son.

**Ty was pinning back up a poster and needed an object to help slam the thumbtack into our concrete wall.  Of course, right on point, he set our guest up for a stupid response.  Ty said “I need something hard”, guest replies  “You can use my cock…but there’s no bitch

**Bendey is playin fifa on Be a Pro mode (quite difficult) and guest says “dude, just bust a move, why pass that?”

**Beerpong ball rolls under the couch, guest says “yeah man, that ball is straight dipset under the couch

**The guest then leaves our home and says “let me throw a shake to ya

There are women out in the world that are the same.  They typically only discuss things that have no real meaning in life and fill conversations with “eh, eww, noo, im scared, OMG nuuuh uhhh, Shut UP, ooooo, AND Then

…(I just hope I’m not that guy for my friends)

DKA out.

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