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February 8, 2009, 4:59 AM
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Drake "The Best of Drizzy"

I’ve been hearing about him for quite some time now.  Drake is an MC that is from Toronto, Canada and has the  backing of Lil’ Wayne (who is on a couple tracks with him as well and also has Drake performing with him).  NT loves him and so does hiphopupdate.  The first couple tracks I heard from him impressed me (Ransom ft. Lil Wayne), but I never took the time to follow up on him.

Drake lookin' like Obama here

Drake lookin' like Obama here

So a couple days ago I wanted some new music to listen to so I downloaded a mixtape that NT recommended, The Best of Drizzy.  I must say that I’m very impressed.  I would say that he is somewhere between Wale and Kid Cudi as far as style goes.  He’s probably better than Wale lyrics wise, but Wale has alot more songs that are meaningful.  Drake also sings in a some of his songs and is Kid Cudi like, although not quite as good as it.  This mixtape is a quality download, especially since its free.  Although for some of the songs he’s just rapping over other beats (i.e Swagger Like Us, Barry Bonds), he stil brings the lyrics to the table.  Some of his best songs are his slower ones.

Here is a dose of one of his lyrics:

“I’m perfectin’ my craft, usin’ mo’ sess. Tryin’ to make some cheese off a single is a pro’cess.  Get it? Kraft. Single. Cheese. Process. Sit back and admire the talent that i po’ssess.”

“You can’t miss the boy, me and rich United like Van Nistelrooy”


At the end of the day, Drake falls in between these two artists and is refreshing.

I forget where I downloaded it but here’s the same or a different link I found to download the mixtape (DL with caution).

DKA out.

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