Today at work.
March 2, 2009, 12:56 AM
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So I worked from 12 to 3 today. Two “rigs” as we call them, were sent out to a polar bear swim just in case something were to happen.

Anywho. We loaded up the trucks and headed out around 12:30. Got there at 1:00 and saw the 250-300 nut cases that were going to jump in the freezing water. While we were waitin we ( wow what an aliteration) talked n shit and watched the first few people jump in.

Nothin to exciting happened. One lady smacked the back of her head on the ice, but was okay.

So we left at 2:00pm. Picked up some qudobas on the way back to the station and just aye there and watched the pistons game… Pretty easy 3 hours. Anywho, here are some pictures I took with my phone. Yes people wore costumes. Yes it was cold.

DKA out.

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