April snowshowers bring May…what?
April 5, 2009, 11:29 PM
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Its rare that I use my blog to post deep thoughts, but eff it, its mine right?

Its wild how a simple movie can change your mood or influence your outlook on life.

After watching Dan in Real Life, I now have a renewed outlook on life.  It wasn’t an amazing movie or anything, but it was a good wholesome movie that spoke to the mood I was in.

Now I look at the snow outside.  A nice dusting of snow for the new day that is April 6th.  Earlier I was looking at the snow with dismay and anger.  I now look at it as a concrete example of a metaphor.  With this new snowfall, it will be as if I am waking up tomorrow to stroll down a different path (if I wish that to be the case).  The environment around myself will be changed and a brand new week will begin; a fresh canvas to combine my thoughts and actions to create the painting that is my life.  It is up to me what I will do with it and how I will view the new world around me.  So hopefully I’ll take this new upbeat attitude with me and carry it into the following weeks to come.

After all, it is the dead of winter that helps us appreciate the life of spring.

DKA out.

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Well I thought it was a great movie. I watched it last summer and it was just a nice wholesome movie. Nice use of the word wholseome and nice way to wrap that up.

Comment by Dr. James

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