An artist you need to listen to: Part II

Big Sean.

Big Sean

Its not very often I get motivated to write an article/review on an artist.  As some of you know, the last artist I did a little piece on Drake, which you can read here.  Big Sean was born in California, but grew up in lovely city of Detroit.  He’s currently signed to Kanye’s label GOOD Music and has a flow and sound like Fabolous.  I heard about Big Sean when he first made his appearance on Kanye’s 2007 summer mixtape “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” with the song “Getchya Some”.  It was and still is a decent song.  A year or two later I decided to download his first mixtape Finally Famous The Mixtape.  To be honest it didn’t get alot of play on my iTunes.  Fast forward to the past couple weeks, Big Sean made a few guest appearances on Mike Posner’s mixtape A Matter of Time, which is also worth the free download on iTunes.  (I’ll probably make a post on Mike Posner later).  So yesterday, April 16th, Big Sean released his second album, UKNOWBIGSEAN.  Wow.

UKNOWBIGSEAN mixtape. go download, period.

Like he says on his mixtape “like wine he gets better with age”.  Maybe his music is just the perfect match for my mood right now.  But this mixtape is definatley album quality.  I’ve only listened to it once thus far, so its hard to see whether or not it has replay ability, but I was able to listen to it the whole way through the first time without skipping any tracks which is a good sign (Even though I love Kid Cudi’s mixtape “A Kid Named Cudi”, it took awhile for it to grow on me).

In my opinion, this kids metaphors already rival that of Drakes and even the untouchable Lil Wayne.  Time will tell whether or not he comes through and keeps producing good product.  Some of my favorite songs on the album are “Love story”, “UKnowBigSean”, “Billionaire” (once you get past the annoying DJ Khaled intro…the beat is crazy), “who knows”, “hollywood”, “Last for Life”, among many others.

His metaphors and lyrics are on point.  Do yourself and download his free mixtape here. 5/5 from DKA.

DKA out.

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Comment by bendey14

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