H1N1 Flu facts/fiction.
April 30, 2009, 10:37 AM
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With the stupidity of my last two posts, I figured I would try to educate a few of my readers to regain some brain cells after watching/listening to those videos.

I was reading USA today, today, haha, and I found out some pretty interesting things. First of all, the feds, and others around the world aren’t referring to it anymore as the “swine flu”, but as the H1N1 flu (notice the title).  This is because the term “Swine flu” is hurting the pork industry for no reason at all.

USA Today went on to describe the stupidity of certain precautions country’s are taking.

“China, Indonesia, South Korea and a dozen other nations have closed their borders to either all U.S. pork products or those from certain states.  Russia went a step furthur, banning all meat and poultry imports from certain states…Egypt, has gone so far to start slaughtering the nation’s 300,000 pigs. ”

If any of these countries had any competence, they would understand that you cannot get this virus by eating pork.  It is spread through the respiratory tract, not the digestive tract.  Thus banning meat products is pointless.  The only thing that you wouldn’t want to do is import a mexican pig.  Slaughtering 300,000 pigs for just no reason…is kind of animal cruelty in my opinion.  Of course I believe that human safety is always more important over animal safety, but base a mass killing on some sort of knowledge.

Whatever though, its a good form of propoganda for these countries, showing their citizens they are taking measures to protect their people’s safety.

**If you are interested there is a informational site that will let you know if your symptoms match the swine flu, take a minute to read whether or not you have the H1N1 virus.

DKA out.

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