Apple announces new Tablet “iPad”
January 27, 2010, 2:37 PM
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Some info:

16GB for $499

32GB for $599

64GB for $699

………3G models cost an extra $130. sheesh.

You slide to unlock, just like an iPhone. Syncs and connects like iPhone. Apps you already payed for, you wont have to pay twice.

$30 a month for unlimited 3G w/ AT&T. No contract.
Will it support flash?

Uses same app store as the iphone/ipod, but have apps specifically for it (ie. NY Times)

Has a simple paint app “brushes”, new app “iBook”, runs “iWork”


10hours of battery life (watching video). A month of standby time.

Some sort of GPS device is in it.

Steve Jobs with the "iPad"

Keyboard on the iPad

“He’s scrolling through text, and when he taps on text, the keyboard pops up. If he wants to focus on typing, he turns the thing horizontal.”- Jason Chen discussing iWork

Here's a size comparison

Play videos while reading the newspaper

Keyboard attachment. Verticle or Horizontal capability.

My thoughts:

Its a giant iPhone.

I want wireless controllers to play games.

Can’t say I’m a fan that it has the iPhone type software & not an actual operating system.

Good, it can run iWork

Can it run multiple apps at the same time?

No camera/video conferencing?

Where are the USB ports?

Can’t download any regular old programs.

No new iPhone,  Macbook news? Oh well.

–thanks Gizmodo for the liveblog updates.

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