The DKA Life x Everglades
May 31, 2011, 9:39 PM
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My dad came down to visit for a few days.  Both of us wanted to check out the Everglades and luckily I got a break from PA school and we were able to check it out.  We took an Airboat tour ride through Coopertown Airboats, just west of Miami.  For 20 bucks each we got a 45 minute ride.  Definitely worth it.  Danny was a friendly and knowledgeable tour guide.  Afterwards, we drove 15 more miles west to check out the state park, Sharkvalley.  Below is a mixture of pictures and videos from the day.  Enjoy.

Gator just chillen in the sun. Heron watchin his back.


This is what the Wetland's dry season looks like. Yeesh.

This is the lowest the waters have been in quite awhile.  The good thing: the animal life was very concentrated.  The bad thing: the airboats probably would have to shutdown in a day or two because they were starting to get stuck.  Jumping in the mud to free the airboat = Hell.

Blake testing out the his toy

Generic alligator pic.

Big Mamma

May was the dry season.  I’ll definitely want to go again in October/November during the wet season for a completely different tour.

Quality father son time.

DKA out.

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