Wanna see Young Moolah dance his balls off?  Of course you do.

(Please ignore my drunken douche-ass in the video.  My apologies)

Yawp.  On April 1st, a few friends and I decided to head down to The Fontainebleau to experience Liv on Sundays.  Turns out, Lil Wayne decided to stop by as well.  He sang. He danced. He shot the Liv cannon.

Around 1am is the time I arrived at The Fontainebleau with my buddy Trevor.  As I walked up to the lobby, I took one last pull from the Franzia bag, slapped the hell out of it and discarded it in the appropriate trash receptacle.  Classy.  Once we got into the lobby, we met up with our friends and walked passed the entire crowd (it probably helped that our friends were 5 lovely ladies, but I’ll just say its b/c of The DKA Life’s popularity of course).  After a quick frisk and 60 dollars of cover later ouch, but always worth every penny. We were in.

Whoop!As the night went on, I saw on twitter that Liv had confirmed a big special guest and DJ Stevie J was yellin’ out that some of the New York Yankees were there, as well as the WWE Championship belt (Wrestlemania has just been in Miami) and Flo-Rida.  Then later, he shouted “YMCMB in the building!”and these glowsticks that were passed out.. morphed into these.

That’s right– Young. Money. Glowsticks.

It had to have been around 3am before Mr. Carter made an appearance.  And unbenounced to me, I turned around and there he was, Weezy F Baby & Don’t Forget the F Baby….right behind me, about to get on stage.  A few videos were taken before my camera died :(.  And sadly, my iPhone 3GS just couldn’t handle the bass at Liv.

So here are a few entertaining videos that I took before the untimely death of my battery.

The joy in his face above is priceless.

“Boy you got the belt? Hold up, he got the belt eyyy he got the belt”

Lil Wayne was definitely in his own zone.  None the less he provided an entertaining evening for all those in attendance, myself included.  Many of you know that I think people go a liiiiitttttle too ape shit for Lil Wayne, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy first row at an impromptu concert by him.  I won’t deny that he’s talented and I have many of his albums

Anywho, we didn’t get back in till about 5:30am and I was thursty hongry tired.  And thus, the night ended and I flew back to Michigan that day.  Definitely one of my best nights in Miami yet.

DKA out.

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