About DKA

If you’re reading this, you most likely already know me.  If you don’t well then I’m sorry you haven’t had the pleasure yet.  Hopefully one day our paths will cross.

I graduated from Michigan State and will be in beautiful Miami, FL for the next two years attending PA school.

Simply stated: I’m a person who is loving life and hopefully by reading my blog, a little of that happiness can rub off on you, the reader.


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blog hopping, & came across yours. Glad to find another MSU blogger 🙂

Comment by Trey

hey man i just finished up a short mix ep.

its up for free here :

Comment by nicholas

hmm.. I wonder who took that picture?! good thing you have ’em around.. what would happen to your blog?! devastating!

Comment by all ee sseee yahh

dope site.

Comment by Chad

I like ur site & I love ur face! K33p on w/ ur greatness 😉

Comment by Mary Havard

I hate Kanye West and thus hate you

Comment by Your GAY

But I still love you

Comment by Your GAY Lover

NICE BLOG! Keep up the good work!


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