MSU Football 2014 BIG TEN CHAMPS
December 8, 2013, 4:00 PM
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First time in 25 years.  Damn it feels good to be a Spartan.

Go Green.  Go White.

Go Green. Go White.

Childish Gambino’s “”
December 7, 2013, 7:12 PM
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Wow.  What I just experienced made me want to write here.

Its been awhile.

DSC03170Over the past few months, I’ve seen Donald Glover retweet ‘Roscoe’s Wetsuit’ constantly.  I figured it was for his upcoming project and it was.  But I had no idea his newest work would be this creative, unique and in depth.  Truly well executed.

The whole experience will take about an hour of your time, but its well worth it.

Start with this; at the end of his album CAMP:

After that, I believe it leads into his newest work: “Because The Internet

Click that link.  If you take the time and let yourself be enveloped by the story, I think you’ll really enjoy it.

I’ll definitely be purchasing the album.

-DKA out.

Kanye West “New Slaves”
May 17, 2013, 10:34 PM
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This is pretty dope viral marketing. Kanye tweeted the event 2 hours ago. This video was played on building walls in select major cities all over the world. …I wish I was still in Miami.

Anyway, Kanye season is here. And he mad. New Album coming June 18th. Can’t wait.

Travi$ Scott “Quintana”
March 26, 2013, 11:27 PM
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Just discovered this dude. Newest signee to G.O.O.D. Music. You can definitely see the Ye influence. Dope. He gets the seal of approval from DKA. Looking forward to hearing more work from him.

MSU vs Wisconsin Football Weekend
November 9, 2012, 11:36 PM
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I’m sorry friends.  I’ve been neglecting you.  As I write this, I’m currently flying back to Michigan for the MSU vs Nebraska game.  Pretty pumped about it.  It’ll be a damn good time spending time with SundbergFTW, Scotter, Ty, Sammy C, Alli, Hannah, Watts, Rauch and we’ll finally get to introduce Mal to Ricks.

Where to start?  I suppose I shouldn’t make this post too wordy.  So since I’m already discussing football I suppose I should talk about last weekend when I went to visit Madison.   My first away Michigan State football game.  It was colder than a polar bear’s toenails.

Camp Randall Stadium

I had a great weekend with my cuzzo Franker and even chicagoian Bendey made the trip. Good drunken times were had. I must say the experience of Madison is quite different than East Lansing tailgating. In Madison its much more centered around bars, whereas at MSU, its all about getting drunk on some tennis courts. I gotta say that Madison bars are nicer than States, but Sparty has better tailgating. It was nice tho, when at a Madison bar, the Wisconsin marching band decided to drop through randomly, which was pretty cool.

Wisconsin Drum Line at the bar October 2012 vs MSU from The DKA Life on Vimeo.

The Wisconsin fans were very respectful and we didn’t catch any sh*t. Even after beating them in over time, which gave me a bonner (hence the reason I didn’t keep recording)

MSU wins in OT vs Wisconsin 2012 from The DKA Life on Vimeo.

After the game, Bendey, Franker and I enjoyed some quality Midwestern binge drinking. One yard at a time, making the Klem family proud. Even Bendey unexpectedly showed out.

Carrying on the Kennedy/Klem tradition.

What a dorky step-father.


While at Franker’s place there were also many heated games of NBA Jam and NCAA Football. Safe to say, Bendey was put in his place in NBA Jam. Burnie will haunt Bendey’s dreams for the rest of his life.


The matches between star player #1 WR Frank Kennedy and MSU were pretty close, although he might have had me on the total number of wins. It was Halloween weekend, which of course had its benefits when we went out in Madison, ie Freakfest.

It was a quality weekend. Always enjoy hanging with Bendey and Franker. We miiiight have almost missed out flights, but my cheese curds and emptying our bladders were worth it.

DKA out.

Childish Gambino ‘Royalty’ Mixtape + A$AP Rocky

ImageNo introduction needed.  Download it below.

Download: Childish Gambino – Royalty (Mixtape) (click here) (alt link: click here)

(Gracias to GMAD and Datpiff for the links above)

Also, download this tape below.  It dropped back last fall, but I’m just now listening to it and I’m really enjoying it, thus I’m passing it on to you.  A$AP Rocky has great production and he flows real real nice to it.

Here’s a sample:


Download here.  (you may have to tweet or facebook it, but its worth it)

And because its America’s birthday.


DKA out.

Miami Heat 2012 Champions.
June 22, 2012, 12:10 AM
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Hi haters.

Duffys was cray.


Congrats to the Miami Heat.  2012 Champions. Ya digggggg.

DKA out.

Childish Gambino Visits South Beach

Donald Glover finally made it to Miami?!

Time to celebrate.

Yesterday was my second time seeing Childish Gambino, this first time I had to make the 4 hour trek to Orlando to see him.  You can read about that here if you’d like your memory refreshed.  Last night he was at the Fillmore in South Beach.  Luckily, I was able to sneak in my camera.

Danny Brown opened.  I had heard of him.  He’s definitely different and has his own style.  I like this song of his:

(Turn on the lights Fillmore, gosh) I just can’t handle song after song by him.  Having said that, I’ll probably download the Detroit native’s mixtapes.

Man, Mr. Glover’s show did not disappoint, in fact, I’d dare to say it was even better than the last.  He brought even more energy and so did his band, which really made the difference.  The crowd was going crazy.  See below. Sadly, I also realized I might need a new camera soon, she can’t handle bass like she used to.  😦

He even preformed a remix of the ever popular ‘Rack City’ (below).   Something tells me that’ll be on his mixtape coming up titled ….Mixtape.  He also preformed the intro to it “We Ain’t Them”.

This time, Childish even had a fancy backdrop for his stage.  Trees, better lighting, and better speakers… No offense Orlando.  Having said that, this performance seemed to have a lot more jailbait running around.  Childish definitely has the 16-19 age bracket on lock in South Florida…more like 18-22, but whats the difference?  I still felt like a AARP member.  Either way, I still enjoyed the show.

So now we wait.  Wait for his mixtape ‘Mixtape’ to drop so we can all enjoy some more free Childish Gambino.  Until then, I’ll leave you with one more video, Heartbeat, which is probably my most favorite song on his last album, Camp.

See you at Lollapalooza Mr. Glover.

DKA out.



June 2, 2012, 11:54 PM
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I’m bored right now and looking forward to sleep, thus I think I’ll let this guy go I wrote about 4 years ago.

“Its nights like these, where I just wanna slip away
Fall asleep and rise into the stars
Say “what up” to the moon
“I wanna be free soon.”
Free from all the worries and hassles of life
Free from all the bullsh*t that comes with life
Cuz when I’m floatin on a cloud, is when I truly realize
Dreaming is my real life, seeing perfection without eyes.
We drink, we smoke, just to escape
Another way to pass out, when its not late

My thoughts are so clear
However they are not floating near
They’re so hard to grasp and recreate
In a way, its what helps me appreciate
The freedom.
The freedom.
The freedom.
So goodbye reality, I’ll see you soon
But not before I go home, past the moon”

Ya dig.

(I’m not trying to pretend I’m good)

DKA out.

Childish Gambino “We Ain’t Them”

Just saw this song and these photos posted over at Childish Gambino’s blog, thought I’d share them with you kind folks.  It appears this will be the first song on his new mixtape….titled errrr ‘Mixtape’.  Looking forward to that tape.

Sidebar: Wonder what the thought is behind using Drake as the poster.   Anywho, can’t wait to see him again in June in the 305.


DKA out.