K-OS “The Anchorman Mixtape”
August 10, 2010, 2:05 PM
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K-os live @ MSU

Haha wasn’t sure I’d ever get a reason to post one of my pictures of K-os from when he performed at Michigan State, but what do ya know… he dropped a new mixtape today titled “The Anchorman Mixtape”

If you haven’t heard of K-os before, he mixes rapping and melodic singing, similar to the homey Kid Cudi, but with more rocker-ish style.  He’s definitely been on the grind for awhile.  You’ve probably heard this song by him “Sunday Morning”

Anyways, I love Anchorman, so it was a must download for me.  Another reason why I am posting this, is because I know it’ll be a must download for my buddy Vasu.  You’re welcome. haha

I will say the Mixtape cover is kinda weak imo. Coulda definitley used UAC touch or two.


DKA out.

Your News. NOW.
July 21, 2009, 6:31 PM
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DKA, Bender, and Dutt bring you your local news…in HD!  (check your local stations as to when the digital switch will occur, don’t be left out!)

Co-Anchors DKA and Bendey

Co-Anchors DKA and Bendey

Bender then dishes the news over to our sports anchor Josh Dutt.

NEWZ BloOpeRs!*&!*  GoTTa LoVe ‘Em!!!! LULZ. (kinda lame, but whatever, we were at a news desk)