Lupe Fiasco’s “F.O.T.P.” Mixtape + Weeknd’s new video

First I’ll start this post off by showing you The Weeknd’s first official video: “The Knowing” off his Thursday Mixtape.  Dark, depressing, baby making music.  Be sure to download it.   Interesting anime-style video, unlike anything I’ve seen in awhile.  With this video he upholds his mysterious, wtf persona…keeping all of us bloggers talking (and his unique dark vibe too).  Strong work.  Go ahead and see for yourself.

Next up:  Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Friend of the People’ mixtape that was released on Thanksgiving.


I gotta say I was pretty skeptical of the direction Lupe was going after Lasers.  He just didn’t have the same lyricism as his Food & Liquor and The Cool albums…there was no underlying storyline like there had been in the past (ie Michael Young History).  For those of you that aren’t Lupe fans, he wanted to release his third and final album LupE.N.D. but his record label Atlantic Records forced him to release more albums and have it sound the way they wanted.  Hence,the entire Lasers album sounds like a radio record and not a Lupe album, leaving Daniel upset and $10 shorter.  But its nice to know he still has it and discusses real issues, not just girls and money.  He also throws a few shots at the record company as well.  Read/Listen below.

Listen and follow along…..

[Verse 2]
Oh shit alert, Louis clothes
Callin women bitches, Louboutin and Gucci shows

Well, I guess there goes my Louis shows
More O shit, if your role model’s a movie role
And if you live your life like it’s a studio

Talkin’ to us like we mics, a bunch of you ain’t do befo’
Electric fences for a urinal
Also keep a toaster in my jacuzzi, yo
Shock-a-zulu, call me Wasalu II
Oh shit, man these record labels prostitute you
Strap them to sushi bars, and feed em lots of fugu
Catch a bad piece

You can stick that 360 between your asscheeks
Artists let’s mobilize and unionize like the athletes
Radio is making our craft weak
Forced to repeat the same dumb shit that work

Only as hot as your last beat
And rappers, they relating to that last piece
Album never leave they desk if you don’t got no B.D.S
Sacrifice your publishin’, they said you really need a hook
And they ain’t gon’ pay you, said that you received a look
And what’s stupid real, is what producers feel
Twenty placements or you stuck in that producer deal
And R&B chicks so get it the wildest
All they money goes to hairdressers and stylists
Gotta keep up with that image
Label lose they mind if they ever see a blemish
ProActiv and peels, airbrushers and trainers

Managers suggest you fuck a nigga to be famous, huh
But it’s all entertainment
Wonder when Cobain blew out his brains, did he blame it?
And if those snakes in the industry helped him aim it
Started pressing up records before the bullet left the chamber
I fight evil, everyday I’m livin’

-via HipHopGenius (I’m too lazy to make it look like normal text)


Okay, enough with the seriousness.  I just wanted to give some respect to Lupe…cuz I was startin’ to doubt him.  I also appreciate the dubstep and techno in it….Now here’s somethin a little lighter for ya.  Wiz Khalifa goes in on Wale’s ‘Bait’.

Download HERE.

Okay.  That’s it for now.  Art Basel is coming up again.  Hopefully I’ll get the chance to check it out.

Be well.

DKA out.