Kenny Powers x Kanye West
September 8, 2010, 11:35 PM
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Jacked this straight from the fam over at Hip Hop Update, it was perfectly written, so this is me giving credit where credit is due.  Enjoy.

September 8th, 2010 | Author: J.D.

It’s actually great promo for Eastbound & Down having Kanye West follow Kenny Powers out of the million + followers he has, himself. Funny, because just today I was reading about how Marilyn Manson is obsessed with Eastbound. Check it on HBO on the 26th!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally Famous vol. III update + new Kanye


A source tells me that we can expect Big Sean’s next mixtape Finally Famous vol III tomorrow (tuesday, August 31st).  It’ll be droppin’ via XXL.  It was delayed due to label issues, production issues, etc etc.  But get excited.

Over the past few days some Kanye songs have dropped, so here are those for your enjoyment.

Click HERE for the download.  Surprisingly Nicki Minaj kills it imo.  I hear the official version won’t have Ricky Rosay.

Also,  Stromae feat. Kanye West & Gilbere Forte – Alors On Dance

“Alors on Dance’s” style is very techno and euro.

And lastly, yes, it actually happened…..

Justin Bieber ft. Kanye West, Raekwon – Runaway Love (Remix) TAGS

smh on this one…Kanye all over the place.  I still got his back tho…no homo.

Capitalizing on whats hot Kanye? I see what you did there. Smart business.