“Can’t stop me” verse 1.
April 21, 2009, 12:45 AM
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Watt’s has posted several of his poems/lyrics/verses whatever you want to call them, so I suppose I will to.

Heres a verse from a song I call Can’t Stop Me. (this aint even the best one)

My life is so glamerous, TMZ been recordin it in HD.
gonna need a widescreen TV, just to fit my Huge D
This is just the life of a celebrity
Your dream is my reality,
I’m the guy you’re tryin’ to be
Kids on the street look up to me
People try to compare there life to mine, just to see
They measure themselves up and only come up to my knee
I’m on another level in life, you should hit restart
Or maybe switch your game and a give it some thought
If I’m the shit, then yall just the toilet
you take whatever I give you and swallow it.

the other two will come later sometime…

DKA out.