June 2, 2012, 11:54 PM
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I’m bored right now and looking forward to sleep, thus I think I’ll let this guy go I wrote about 4 years ago.

“Its nights like these, where I just wanna slip away
Fall asleep and rise into the stars
Say “what up” to the moon
“I wanna be free soon.”
Free from all the worries and hassles of life
Free from all the bullsh*t that comes with life
Cuz when I’m floatin on a cloud, is when I truly realize
Dreaming is my real life, seeing perfection without eyes.
We drink, we smoke, just to escape
Another way to pass out, when its not late

My thoughts are so clear
However they are not floating near
They’re so hard to grasp and recreate
In a way, its what helps me appreciate
The freedom.
The freedom.
The freedom.
So goodbye reality, I’ll see you soon
But not before I go home, past the moon”

Ya dig.

(I’m not trying to pretend I’m good)

DKA out.