New Halli Borgfjord material
September 22, 2010, 11:36 AM
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The Stuart Scott and Michael Cera joke got me hahah.

Its good to see Halli’s material is constantly improving.  Find out more at and support him buy pickin up his new CD “Have You Been Borgfjorded Lately”.  Be on the look out for this kid, he’s makin moves.

Facebook stat-ii

To be honest, this is just kind of a BS post that I’m doin’.  I took a few screenshots of people’s statuses that I found amusing.  Now I’m cleaning off my desktop and well, I’m just gonna post em here so I can delete them.

Mr. Chad Ochocinco is always great for some entertaining posts

XV keepin' it real on March 14th. (3.14)

Comedian Jim Norton's unfortunate holiday surprise.

Comedian Halli Borgfjord speakin' the sad truth hahah

Aight, thanks for reading, now I can delete these off of my desktop and help my desktop look fresh as hell.


DKA out