New “older” Donald Glover: ‘I Do Not Talk’ Mixtape
April 1, 2011, 10:36 AM
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This dropped a few days ago…I’ve just been too busy to post it.  But I know all 4 of my readers are fiending for new Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino material (as am I), so here you go.  Its definitely a bit older…but its pretty cool to see how his style has grown.  A good mix of older material w/ some newer material.  Fire.


Here’s what Childish Gambino had to say about it:

“My friend Errol and I have been working on I Do Not Talk for a very long time. He’s been perfecting the tracklist and has done a truly amazing job. The mixtape starts off with a Donald that is rough around the edges and takes you from there through his artistic development one song at a time. You see him rectify aspects of himself, such as changing his voice to sound nasally, and grow into the artist that we know today.

Donald might dislike his older material and without question has gotten better, but there is some serious integrity in the writing from the beginning that is made clear on this mixtape. The music selection of I Do Not Talk perfectly leads listeners into Culdesac. And in my opinion, is a must have for all fans and Hip Hop aficionados.”

Don’t sleep on this kid!

DKA out.