Kid Cudi ft. Kanye “Erase Me”
July 16, 2010, 11:22 AM
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Cudi @ MSU

Can somebody pleeeeease remix this into a hiphop beat.  PLEASE.  sigh.  Disappointed to say the least.  It’ll sell records tho.

Download HERE.

DKA out.

Kid Cudi “All Talk ft. Chip tha Ripper”…with Christian Bale haha
May 30, 2010, 12:24 AM
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Download HERE.

HAHA and just another Christian Bale spoof for the hell of it.

Kid Cudi “I do my thing” ft. Snoop Dogg

Wow I failed and slept on this one.  Heard it at a local establishment in East Lansing tonight.  Great song.  Download it now.

Mr. Mescudi

Listen here:

Download HERE!

DKA out.

XV x Pac Div x Big Sean x Clipse x Kid Cudi @ MSU

April 12th’s concert was full of surprises.  What was scheduled to be a Kid Cudi show opened by Clipse ended up being a dream hip hop line up complete with XV, Pac Div, Big Sean, Clipse, and Kid Cudi.  Another amazing concert was put on by RHA.  The concert was at Michigan State University’s auditorium and tickets sold out in 8 minutes.  I was lucky enough to grab row 7 tickets and made my way to front row.   First up was Vizzy vizzy vizzy.

XV w/ DJ Steph Floss sportin' the MSU jersey

I was almost more hyped to see XV than all the other artists.  I been followin this kid for almost a year now, his last two mixtapes 30 minute layover (made in only 4 days) and Everybody’s Nobody (tons of great features).  Anyone that grew up in the 90s can appreciate all of his references.  Vizzy killed the set and got people more hyped than the other artists did.  He easily could have opened for Cudi by himself.  I look forward to seeing him perform again.  Keep up with him on his blog and stay on the look out for his debut album, The Kid With the Green Backpack.

Vizzy Vizzy Vizzy X to the V

Cliff Skighwalker & Rodney James help put on another great show.  Shout out to their hard work.

Rodney James & Cliff Skighwalker

Pac Div made their first ever stop in Michigan and performed several hits from their mixtape Church League Champions.  I was happy to see them play “We the Champs”, they also performed “Knuckleheadz” and “Shut up”.  Another one of my favorites from their album is “No No”, I wished they would have played that, but they still put on a great show regardless.  DJ Sean was on his rap shit as usual.  Download the Lever 2009 mixtape for more Pac Div music.

Pac Div sportin the MSU hoodie!

Next up was the surprise appearance of the homie Big Sean!  The last time Big Sean was at Michigan State, he killed it.  You can read my full concert review featuring Fly. Union, and interview with Mike Posner HERE.  He performed Supa Dupa Lemonade.  The song that’s been on repeat for a good two months now.  Shout out to Bendey for the assist with the video.

Next up was Clipse.  I was happy they played their classic hit Grindin’ and several others off their new album Till the Casket Drops, an album that really surprised me.  Go take a listen if you haven’t already.  My battery was gettin’ low so I wasn’t able to capture as much as I wanted, but here’s a picture.  My favorite performance by them had to be “Keys Open Doors”.

Till the Casket Drops!

And then Mr. Mescudi, aka Domingo Brown, aka Kid Cudi graced the stage.  I was lucky enough to see him perform The Hip Hop Hangover Tour with 88 Keys and Asher Roth next door at the Royal Oak Theater, you can read my full summary of that show HERE.

You can call him Moon Man

He performed many of his new hits including “Already home” (pretty sure that made my boy Clark’s night), “That Tree”, as well as “Memories”.  He also gave us a sneak peak an a cappella version of Groovin, which will be on his next album Cudder & The Revolution of Evolution.

Download that right HERE.

My new wallpaper.

Cudi ended the show in style.  Just like he did at Royal Oak, he played the last 3 songs in succession and the whole crowd RAGED.  Nothin like fist pumping jammin’ to Memories and Day n Night Crooker’s remix to end the night.

DKA out.

Kid Cudi’s “Groovin” off Cudder and The Revolution of Evolution

Mr. Mescudi

Kid Cudi stopped by MSU a few days ago and previewed his new song “Groovin” off his next album Cudder and the Revolution of Evolution. (A cappella of course)  Take a quick sneak peak at the video below to hear it!


DKA out.

Kid Cudi. Michigan State. April 12th.
March 10, 2010, 3:57 PM
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UPDATE:  The concert is being put on by RHA and tickets can be bought via Wharton Center Box Office.

Just keep refreshing that page, the sale date is wednesday 3/23 @ 1pm.


You heard it here first.  None other than Scott Mescudi will be performing at Michigan State.  I would guess he’ll be performing at the Auditorium, but I have my fingers crossed for Fairchild Theater, since its a smaller venue.  I’ll keep you updated.

Kid Cudi in concert @ Royal Oak Theater

DKA out.

Sharam ft. Kid Cudi
October 21, 2009, 12:29 PM
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Been lovin’ this song for a minute.  Here’s the video.  For some reason, the beat reminds me of a track in Cruisin’ USA for N64.

….after finding what I’m talking about (the guitar)….its a stretch.  Oh well, I took time to find it, so now you all can just enjoy 1997 goodness.

DKA out.

88-Keys “Baggage Claim”
October 15, 2009, 1:38 PM
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So Chris and I have been going through LOST.  Like a season (24 shows) in like 5 days.  So I visited 88-Keys Blog, and what to my surprise did he have?  A song based on the show.  Fate? Yup.  It must have been my path to find it today and bring it to you.

If you have ever seen the show, definitely a must listen and download.

Oh, whaddup Hurley, Sawyer, n Kate.

Oh, whaddup Hurley, Sawyer, n Kate.

Here are the lyrics to read along to:


Uh, yeah! My name is 88-Keys & that’s the name you’ll see on the manifest on Ocean Flight 815. We’ve been Lost for a few weeks now. I don’t think anybody’s coming for us. Man… I remember this like it was yesterday; When I lost my bag on day one.

1st Verse:

I woke up from a concussion
With sand on my feet
No futher discussion
I’m a son of a beach

Where’s my briefcase?
It was in reach
I gotta drill these people
Just like a prez before he gets impeached

Let me go straight to the liar & pack rat
Scratch that
Take it to the man
With the desire for that hatch

Locke – Don’t give me that
Philosophical crap
I know is gonna spew
From you esophagus track

Just tell me where my box is
Before I let everybody know
You couldn’t use your limbs
Where your sock is

Save it!
I’ll just ask Sawyer
Now let’s face it
He’ll say he didn’t take it

So now I gotta go to Kate
To sweet talk Sawyer
Just to get my briefcase
For a kiss like cheap dates

Sawyer doesn’t have it
Nobody said they grabbed it
Now they’re all acting like
I’m chasing down a white rabbit like Jack did


My bag got lost
So now I’m looking for it
My bag wasn’t found
I got tooken for it – Lost
Have you see it
Anywhere around here? – Lost
Tell me if you see it
When the ground clears

I’m not taking orders from Jack
Like I’m his soldier
I don’t trust Katie
As far as my arms could throw her
Expect the unexpected
When they do drop bombs so

2nd Verse:

Gotta investigate this matter further
This madam that I never heard of
Using words
So absurd to

Me & everybody else
Except for Shannon
Distress calls
Who got balls like cannon?

To tell me where my briefcase is
How ’bout you Michael?
You know us brothers gotta
Stick together

I tried to play the race card
But my plan faultered
The only one he’s cares about
His lil’ man Walter

That’s the kid
Who could
Make reality

I ain’t messing with him
So I slid
Back to Shannon
Just to see if I could find Sayid

And he’s over there
Talking to Boone
Let me see if I could get closer
And get the scoop like a spoon

I heard him say,
“Stay the Hell away from my sister!”
Mr. Overprotective brother
Not only does he lover her but he used to kiss her… Under the covers


My bag got lost
So now I’m looking for it
My bag wasn’t found
I got tooken for it – Lost
Have you see it
Anywhere around here? – Lost
Tell me if you see it
When the ground clears

I’m not taking orders from Jack
Like I’m his soldier
I don’t trust Katie
As far as my arms could throw her
Expect the unexpected
When they do drop bombs so

3rd Verse:

Now I searched all over the island
For my stuff
Man it’s rough
When these dead bodies are piled in

There’s only so much
That Jack can do
With polar bears running through the forrest
Attacking you

Now let’s not forget Claire
She needs the prenatal
Care – Make the wrong move
And Charlie makes it fatal?

I’m not really here for friends
Just my bag
I don’t care about you, your drugs
Or Drive Shaft

Now why did Sun laugh
If she only speaks Korean?
There’s something she ain’t telling
There’s something Jin ain’t seeing

She making ginseng
Just to poison human beings
And everybody on the cave & beach

I should’ve asked Hurley
‘Cause he took a head count
He knows everybody on the island

I described my baggage
He said he knows who had it
Now we gotta figure out
Why Ethan’s name wasn’t added to the manifest


My bag got lost
So now I’m looking for it
My bag wasn’t found
I got tooken for it – Lost
Have you see it
Anywhere around here? – Lost
Tell me if you see it
When the ground clears

I’m not taking orders from Jack
Like I’m his soldier
I don’t trust Katie
As far as my arms could throw her
Expect the unexpected
When they do drop bombs so

Produced by Needlz.  Definitely stop by 88’s blog I Heart My Polo Lifestyle and give him a shout out for the song.

If you aren’t familiar with 88 yet, download his mixtape Adam’s Case Files and give it a listen.  I also got the chance to meet him, before he performed with Cudi, Asher, and B.o.B…He’s a real nice dude. Here’s my review of that show too.

88 and the fellas @ Burn Rubber

88 and the fellas @ Burn Rubber

DKA out.

September 16, 2009, 12:32 PM
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Cudi @ Royal Oak, MI

Cudi @ Royal Oak, MI

Its crazy how quick the dude can come up with a quality song off the “dizzome”.  Here’s a new Kid Cudi freestyle hosted by Peter Rosenberg.  Make sure you go cop his album.

“That. reminds me. of some ole’ funky groove”


DA out.

New Cudi, not on the album…on repeat. BP3 will have to wait.
September 1, 2009, 11:40 PM
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D/L here. wowwwwww.

D/L here.

Apparently these are from the demos he used to get signed to Motown. So yeah, I’m going to go listen to the whole mixtape now. peace

DKA out.