The Original TCT. Happy Birthday Ty!
March 4, 2011, 9:18 AM
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Today is a very special day, for it is the day that Joan Smith gave birth to THE Tyler Nelson Smith.  On March 4, 1987, the world would be forever changed.  For this special occasion I felt it would be appropriate to introduce or re-introduce you all to a majestic performance that was…TCT.  An EXTRAordinary life for an EXTRAordinary character.  Hilarity, suspense, drama, and love, this show had it all.  It is very likely that no Mattawan talent show will ever live up to the hype.

The DKA Life proudly presents: TCT performed by Tyler Smith, Cj Annable, and Travis Kingma.

Happy Birthday buddy, glad to have such a great friend (*tear).

DKA out.