Big Boi’s (Outkast) “You Aint No DJ” ft. Yelawolf
July 8, 2010, 11:19 PM
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A new track delivered to me via Bendey:

Dope beat from Andre 3K.  Yelawolf, an up and coming dude in the game….makes it…interesting I guess. haha

Here’s the Download Link… as always.

DKA out.

Take a break and let your mind wander.

Matt Bender

Not sure if I ever posted this vid.  He released it about a year ago, but I figured this might be the right time considering some of you might be studyin’ your asses off for finals.  So here, drink this video up.  Bendey through together this video together of “random shit”.  You’ll see visuals from the heart of East Lansing and other parts of life from a different perspective . You’ll also see some footage from the zoo, the Kid Cudi concert at Royal Oak, and yours truly even makes a cameo, possibly making a fool out of himself.

Check out more artwork and keep up with the life of a Bender at The Vivid Underground.

This has a good chance of making it up on the wall when I move to Miami.

DKA out.