My bad…here is an update

Wow, thank goodness for the cheap “drake from degrassi” searches or else I’d be getting no hits.  I might as well tag his name and free mountain dew 4 packs to every post.

Life has been busy, I’ll try to get back up on the posts.  There have been many times where I say to myself “here’s a great post”, but then it just gets lost in the winds of time (“winds of time”? wtf)

So, here’s my life in a list form, I’ve found that if a post is too long, people need a heavy dose of adderall or else they (including myself) don’t read it.

  • I have had 2 prokaryotic cell physiology exams.  Did okay.
  • I had a big ass lab report due.  Average.
  • MSU/UofM game, wonderfully wasted day.  Enough said.
  • Friends visiting. Good times.
  • Experienced a quick cold.  Drugs FTW (fuck the world, for the win)
  • Got my first interview invite for PA school.  Weight off my shoulders.
  • MSU/WMU soccer game. 2-0 victory (whaddup Rubin).
  • Bender definitely stepped up his game.  First time I been truly “wow’d” by his work.
  • Smaller image, so you all can't jack it
    Smaller image, so you all can’t jack it from the poor guy
  • Bender also dropped off my new hat.  Whaddup Jugrnaut, congrats to El Capitan for the add to their blog.
  • Tha Gambit (thanks Bend)
    Tha Gambit (thanks Bend)
  • Joe, Chris, n Scott (roommates) also all have interviews for grad school.  Congrats to them.
  • I’ve been on a Lil Jon kick recently.  Eyeeeah. Whaaat. Okaaaay.
  • Just re-upped my Netflix account. Lost on constantly.
  • Zeph created a new shirt for Sneakerfiend and can be bought now.  Dope.
  • Also available in black.

    Also available in black.

  • Fantasy Football is on. Siiiigh pick up the slack TO.
  • I woke up at 730am for the most disappointing explosion.  What the hell NASA.
  • My parents visited today.  My mom’s beef jerky is back!.
  • Rearranged the living room. No Romo.
  • Lupe Fiasco dropped another song called “Fire”. To be honest, I haven’t listened to it yet.
  • Fifa drops October 22nd.  See ya on the pitch, Zlatan and Barca= goals & BFFs.
  • Oh, and now Shyne is free. Great.

Lastly, Here’s a new classic Chicity clip. (If you got time, which you do, ‘cuz you’re here)

Stay tuned for more DKA life fo yo ass.

DKA out.

I Amaze Eyez
September 25, 2009, 9:40 PM
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Check his website out. Now.
Check his website out. (After the read)

The homie Zeph just did a major update to his website.  He’s a real humble guy who loves art, sneakers, and quality music.  (Hell, the guy introduced me to Lupe Fiasco before he blew up.)  He’s from Chicago and stayed in Kalamazoo for awhile where Bendey n I did a mural with him and a group of kids, now I believe he’s residing in Milwaukee with his lovely wife.  He still drops by Chicago frequently and Kalamazoo tho from time to time.

You can find his work in Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, Def Jam Headquarters, various athletes and musicians houses,  Jugrnaut, magazines, and on 106 and Park…just to name a few haha.


“I Amaze is a portfolio of creative works by Chicago based Freelance Artist/ Designer Zeph Farmby. Using art as the platform to change lives and inspire others to achieve their dreams by pursuing their passions. I like to show an assortment of things that relate to my lifestyle, from everyday struggles to showing portraits of things that I enjoy. My art reveals the aspects of life from my perspective – being metaphoric in showing subjects reflecting Hip-Hop and how I grew up.”


Here are some glimpses of his work.

The DIabolical




He is an Artist, Painter, Graphic Designer, Apparel Designer, Illustrator….the list keeps going.  Zeph does it all.  He’s helping shape the world of hip hop, keep an eye on him.

Be sure to check out more of his stuff HERE @  You’ll be glad you did.

DKA out.